Simple Healthy Recipes For Children

Children are naturally full of energy, so making sure they have a healthy diet is the most important thing in their lives. Having access to simple healthy recipes for your kids is a must for any family household. Teaching your kids to eat healthy from the very beginning will condition them to continue healthy eating into adulthood.

We all know that kids only want to eat sweets and chocolate, well by learning healthy recipes like smoothies and shakes, you can get them to eat the fresh fruit they need. You can even sneak the odd vegetable in there and they will be none the wiser. Giving them a cool name like “Hulk Juice” or the like will get them more interested in a healthy diet.
Finding a balance between getting your child to eat what they need and letting them eat what they want, is difficult. By rewarding them with a treat for….lets say…..creating the best picture on their plate out of vegetables, or maybe let them have that burger every now and then, so long as they drink a fresh fruit smoothie with it. By allowing the bad stuff in moderation, you will get your children to accept healthy eating more easily.
Don’t keep junk food or other quick fix unhealthy food around the house. To help your children eat a helthier diet, you must ensure they cannot get their hands on the bad habit snacks and candy too readily. If they notice the kind of food around them is healthy fresh fruit and other healthier options, they will become accustomed to it.
Become smoothie buddies. Involving the whole family makes the whole experience much more fun, and much more likely to succeed. Get everyone involved. You can then keep tabs on how each other is doing, and even invent new recipes from time to time.
Enjoy a variety of recipes. For a lot of children, variety is the key to success. Continuously discovering and enjoying new healthy recipes is important in keeping them interested. A recipe collection like “Sensational Smoothies: Drink Your Way To Health Deliciously” is a great way to way to keep them eating healthy.
It is our responsibility to make sure our children grow up to be as healthy as possible. Child obesity is rising constantly and it needs to be stopped. Teaching our kids how to eat healthy is the best way possible for them to become healthy, successful adults. For more ideas and tips visit and ensure your children become the best adult they can be.

Activity + Poor Food Choices = Non Healthy Lifestyle

One of the biggest misconceptions people have today is what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Just because you exercise does not mean you are healthy. I hear much too often, oh, I can eat this because then I will work 30 or 40 minutes on the treadmill, jogging, walking, (fill in the blank with the exercise of choice). NO, NO, NO! Once in a while transgressions are one things, however, if you want to be healthy you need to eat healthy and exercise, the two go hand in hand. Now, think about this, if you think this way as an adult, what are you teaching your children. Yep, that is it OK to eat junk food as long as you are active. Not only that, so many parents, say well my kids eat all this stuff but don’t gain any weight, so it is OK. NO IT IS NOT! While on the surface, you think it is, it is doing major damage to both yours and your child’s body. Think high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Remember folks the old adage “you are what you eat” applies here. We all carry over what we learn in our childhood into our lives as adults. You are setting the foundation here for a lifetime of bad eating for your child. Do you really want to do that? No, I don’t think so. So you need to set an example and start eating healthier and continue to be active. Right now the majority of children that are active are doing so through after school or organized sports activities that interest them. However, what happens when they get older, when these activities are no longer a part of his/her life. You got it, sedentary behavior because you didn’t provide the role model they needed for a healthy lifestyle. You need to provide them with other choices besides just sporting activities: walking, jogging, riding, jumping rope, aerobics to name a few.
It is one of your responsibilities as a parent to teach your children about healthy eating and the importance of activity not only as a child but as they grow into adulthood. So you need to be a good role model. We have discussed in other articles, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and walking from the far end of the parking lot. Joining a gym or having exercise equipment (bikes, trampolines, DVDs) in your home. One of the cutest things is for a young child to watch their mom or dad watching a video or working out on a piece of exercise equipment and trying to emulate them. What a perfect opportunity for you to show them how to dance, jog, jump rope so they can do something right along with you.
Next be sure you let them be active in the planning and preparation of meals. Let them give their input. Take the time to talk to them about the foods you are making and they are eating. And please don’t tell me you don’t have the time, make the time or in all honesty why did you have children!
Yes, we want our children to be active and involved. However, one big caveat here is to limit the number of activities your children get involved with. Too many children today join everything to please their parents and they are exhausted! So be realistic with their time just as you would be with yours. Be sure to emphasize to your child that they don’t have to be involved in everything. Emphasis that if they do too much they are going to make compromises in one or more activities and that isn’t fair to that particular group. Talk to them about down time. Be sure they know it is OK to relax. We need balance in our life and the only way to be sure we do is to do everything in moderation and get that down time for ourselves. Relaxing restores our balance which is so very important for healthy living.
So let’s start today to show our children that Healthy Eating + Activity = Healthy Lifestyle!
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Tips and Strategies for Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Your Family

Most of us have a pretty good idea of what healthy eating is: lots of fruits and vegetables and not too much fat and sugar. But when it comes to kids, knowing what is healthy is only the start. And even if you shop ‘healthy’ it does not mean that your kid will willingly eat it. There is hope. Kids need some extra encouragement and guidance along with a few of these strategies your kid is sure to eat healthy.

Be a gatekeeper. It’s likely that the easiest way to get your kids to eat healthy is to remove the less-healthy options. Take control over what food and snack choices are in your home. If a kid is hungry they will eat it when there isn’t an alternative. Have you ever heard of a kid starving to death because his parents would not feed him potato chips?
Keep healthy food in sight. As for those less-than-good-for-you foods, keep them in high cabinets and out of your kid’s reach. Arrange your refrigerator and cabinets so that healthy foods are the first foods that you see. If you choose to have some unhealthy options in the house keep them out of sight and you and your kids will be much less likely to choose them as an option.
Make healthy food convenient. Wholesome foods, particularly fruits and vegetables require little preparation which is great for your ‘starving’ kid and you. Have a fruit basket at eye level on the counter at all times or have a container with carrots and celery sticks ready to go in the refrigerator. You might be surprised at how many more fruits and vegetables your kid will eat simply by having them visible and easy to grab.
Make learning about food fun. Taking some of the mystery out of where foods come from can work wonders for some selective eaters. Prepare family meals together, have your kid mix the ingredients and serve the food to the rest of the family. Plant a vegetable garden as a family project and put your kid in charge of watering and picking the ripe vegetables. Kids that are involved are more likely to be a willing participant in the eating process.
Keep an eye on Portion sizes. Parents often stress over how much their kids should be eating. Whether you are trying to get a selective eater to take a bite of anything green or limit the amount of dessert your sweet-toothed kid wants watching portions is necessary. Knowing the size of a healthy portion will give you some needed perspective. You can use the USDA’s Guidelines for Healthy Eating to learn about what a healthy portion is.
Set a healthy example. Keep in mind that eating meals together isn’t just a great way to catch up on your family’s day it is also the perfect time to role-model healthy eating habits. Kids learn by watching their parents…That’s food for thought!

Pizza Done the Healthy Way

You can eat a healthy diet and still enjoy pizza now and then. As you think about making pizzas healthy, you will want to consider the crust, sauce, and toppings to make sure that it is overall a healthy dish. If you are starting to watch your weight but are having a very difficult time giving up some of your favorite foods like pizzas, you are probably not alone, and you really do not need to give it up. Just like many other foods, there are healthy options as you look at making them. As you try to formulate a healthy one, take into consideration your crust, sauce, and the toppings. You will be surprised at how delicious your healthy pizzas will be.The crust is a very important part of a pizza, but if you are trying to watch your carbohydrate intake and fat intake, it is a mistake to keep eating your favorite buttery, deep dish crust or your cheese stuffed one, or even your average crust made with white flour. The crust in the first two have a lot of fat and carbohydrates, and the latter one will just provide a lot of carbohydrates. An alternative to these less healthy crusts is to ask at a restaurant if they have a whole wheat crust and if they can make it a thin crust. This will still have carbohydrates, but they will be much healthier. Just ordering a thinner crust will help if the restaurant does not have a whole wheat one. If you make pizzas at home, you can try making a thinner crust with whole wheat flour, or you can make personal pizzas using whole wheat flour tortilla shells. Make sure to compare the carbohydrates and calories as you choose what you would like to use, because it will vary between brands.The sauce is another important part of a pizza that you can make somewhat healthier than it already is. If you go to a restaurant, it probably is not worth worrying too much about the sauce, except you could just ask them to go light on it. If you are at home and make your own sauce, you could just add a little less sugar than normal, and that would cut some calories. When it comes to your toppings, they can either make or break you. Cheese is major calorie filler, but not many people really want pizza without cheese, so you need to think of what the healthiest option might be. If you enjoy Feta cheese, then it is a good alternative to many of the other cheeses that you might put on a pizza. You could even mix it with a bit of mozzarella. Cheddar cheese is actually higher in calorie than mozzarella, so you would be smart not to add that to the mix or parmesan because it is also higher in calories. Cheese is a wonderful topping, but if you are making or buying healthy pizzas, why not add some healthy toppings like vegetables? Spinach is a healthy option, as are various peppers. Olives are a fairly high calorie food that you might want to stay away from if you want to cut back on calories. Green and black are not quite as high as Kalamata.You will feel much better about your diet when you make or order a healthier pizza. It may take some getting used to when you begin eating healthy, because those unhealthy ingredients can be addicting. You will soon realize that a healthy taste is a good one too.

You Are What You Eat: Choosing the Right Foods to Keep You Healthy

The old saying “You are what you eat” is certainly true when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. However, eating healthy and living a healthy
lifestyle is not as hard as you may think. You can choose the right
foods to keep your body healthy and fit. Here’s how: You Are What You Eat: Choosing the Right Foods to Keep You HealthyThe old saying “You are what you eat” is certainly true when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. However, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as you may think. You can choose the right foods to keep your body healthy and fit. Here’s how:Think GreenFresh green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits should be at the top of your grocery list. Vegetables and fruits contain many of the forty vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain a healthy body. There are so many types of vegetables and fruits available on the market today that even if you are not a fan of them, you may find some that appeal to your taste buds. Try preparing them in different dishes, cold and hot and see what you like the best. Then include at least five to seven servings a day into your diet. You will soon see a difference in the way you look and feel. Try organicHuman beings are not meant to eat a lot of pre-processed foods. Scientists believe that one of the main reasons we are seeing so many cases of chronic health conditions and deadly diseases is because people are eating too many foods that have been processed, had chemicals added or are generally not good for us. When you go to the market, try to include foods that are organic, that is they do not contain harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives. If you have an organic market nearby, try also including other chemical free products whenever you can to see a reduction in the harmful chemicals in your meals, your home and your life.Eat it rawMany foods are better for you if they are uncooked. Vegetables and fruits fall into this category. This means you can buy organic foods, wash them up, chop them and serve them cold just as they are. The benefits of eating raw food are that they still contain enzymes which aid in digestion, plus it introduces more vitamins and minerals. Once you cook or process a vegetable or fruit, it loses enzymes and most of its nutritional value. Cooked vegetables and fruits are often so devoid of any nutritional values that you might as well be eating cardboard. Visit the Farmers MarketYour local farmers market can be your best source for natural and organic foods. Often you will find vendors who live and grow food locally so you will also be helping out the local economy by shopping there instead of supporting a large grocery store chain. If you are a smart shopper, you can also save a lot of money by buying all your vegetables, fruits, and plants at the farmers markets. They’re always interesting places to visit and learn more about a healthy lifestyle.

Blood Pressure Food: Healthy Recipes For A Healthy Heart

Eating healthy keeps one healthy. A healthy diet for heart comprises of all such food that would supply sufficient nutrition while holding out all that might not be good for your heart.
We all crave for good health. High blood pressure or hypertension emerges as a silent killer. Like a seasoned predator, it creeps up to us, that too, without letting us know of its presence and suddenly, at an odd moment, reveals its deadly fangs. It is not something that hits you and vanishes into thin air. It hits you and stays with you, and might prove lethal if proper measures are not taken. If you have already been brought down by hypertension, the best cure is precaution. And if you are yet to be hit by it, but do lead a life that makes you prone to it, the best way to deal with it is again precaution.
And where does precaution start? With your eating habits! Eating healthy keeps one healthy. A healthy diet for heart comprises of all such food that would supply sufficient nutrition while holding out all that might not be good for your heart.
Healthy food for your heart can, therefore, be called safe food because it is least likely to cause any damage to your heart without compromising on the nutrition supply to your body. Most of such food comprises of green vegetables and fibrous food items.
Natural foods are considered to be most healthy and that is the primary reason behind their ever-increasing popularity. As a result we are seeing a great number of natural food stores coming up every other day all over the world. A great number of books have also been written, which sign praises of natural food.
Quite clearly organic foods are the healthiest available. They are nutritious and natural while the fast foods or junk food that we have gotten so very used to is very unhealthy because these foods supply very little nourishment to our bodies and load us with lots of unwanted calories and harmful cholesterol. And harmful cholesterol is one of the major reasons for high blood pressure and even heart stroke.
These days due to the rising awareness, companies have started growing organic food without adding the chemicals used to make them grow faster and better. The chemicals used to enhance the growth and quality of these foods actually linger on and take away much of the advantage of living on a natural diet.
Therefore, for a healthy heart a balanced diet consisting of natural foods is important. This would also keep your blood pressure within manageable limits.

Healthy Lifestyle: Activities and Benefits

Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming physically fit and observing proper diet. We cannot possibly become healthy just by eating healthy food alone. On the other hand, one cannot also claim living a healthy lifestyle if little or almost no time at all is spent on some physical activities. A healthy lifestyle, therefore, is a good balance of both. Living a healthy lifestyle is becoming physically fit and observing

proper diet. We cannot possibly become healthy just by eating healthy
food alone. On the other hand, one cannot also claim living a healthy
lifestyle if little or almost no time at all is spent on some physical
activities. A healthy lifestyle, therefore, is a good balance of both.Saudi Arabia, like any other places in the world, is one country in which
healthy lifestyle should continuously be encouraged. With people getting busier on their daily tasks, getting physically active and fit is
almost or actually forgotten.Much as you wanted to opt for a
proper, nutritious diet to become healthy, you need to be just as
serious in engaging into physical activities and workouts.Mixing Workout and Training ProgramsWe are all capable of harboring fats inside our body. Inactive lifestyle
and improper eating habits result to accumulation of fat in various
areas such as thighs, abdomen, buttocks, and arms. Apart from the fat
build-up, sedentary living can also cause a number of unwanted health
risks such as obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. To give your body a
chance to fight these issues, exercise and healthy diet should be
regularly practiced.People might think that there is only one
kind of exercise, the sweaty exercise. However, an exercise should be
composed of three training programs: cardiovascular training, resistance or strength training, and flexibility. Ideally, an exercise program
should include these three workout regime in order to ensure a holistic
and balanced workout.Endurance WorkoutsCardio workouts are also known as endurance training. This type of training is conducted in order to strengthen the heart and lungs. Typically, it
involves activities such as swimming, aerobics, walking, and running. Resistance/ Strength TrainingWhile cardio exercise focuses on the heart and lungs, resistance training is
done in order to build up and toughen the muscle tissues. It also helps
eliminate body fats stored in the body. Resistance training is
synonymous to weight lifting as this type of exercise involves the use
of resistance bands, dumbbells, and machines.FlexibilityStretching or flexibility training is less arduous than the first two exercise
groups. More often, flexibility workout is done after the cardio and
resistance training. It helps cool down the muscle and reduce the
tension in your body after a hard workout. Activities such as yoga and
Pilates are great in developing your body’s flexibility and promoting
relaxation.Reaping the Rewards of Being in ShapeApart from keeping the body’s functionality and fitness, an active lifestyle
and a healthy diet can decrease the possibilities of acquiring health
problems such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart diseases.
Moreover, they keep the body in tune through diligent burning of body
fats and building of muscles.Other benefits of incorporating exercise in one’s lifestyle include:Reduce Stress and DepressionHaving an active lifestyle reduces the body’s stress levels and eliminates
depression. Since endorphins and other opioid peptides increase during
workouts, depression and stress are gradually removed and an improvement in mood and self-esteem is observed.Increased MetabolismSince an active exercise requires energy, the body’s metabolism increases to
sustain the needed energy. Also, workouts encourage the burning of
excess fats in the body as well as building up of muscle tissues. Improvement in Sleeping PatternsContinuous exercise and development of a dynamic living habits help in maintaining a favorable sleeping routine. Moreover, it also aids in reducing sleep
disorders such as insomnia and broken sleeping patterns. Increase in Brain FunctionalityExercise and constant workout ensure the efficient function of the brain. The
constant circulation of oxygen rich-blood in the brain helps reduce
brain-bound free radicals and improves cognition and mental awareness.With all these benefits, who would not want to get active? Don’t worry if
you have spent five years of your life being a couch potato. Having an
active and healthy lifestyle is never too late if you will start now.

It Is Luck to Learn These Things about the Healthy Endurance

It is going to show some information about the healthy stamina in the next. There are some important factors to have something with the healthy stamina. The healthy stamina is able to fall into two parts in the next. There is one factor to impact the healthy stamina, which is the body compositions It wants show the healthy stamina trainings.There are some kinds of things to compose the healthy stamina. It mainly includes body compositions, muscle power, muscle endurance, flexibility, the functions of lung and heart endurance and the other kinds of parts.There will be main introductions of the rules and regulations of trainings for power, flexibility and the heart and lung endurance. In addition, there will be ways and usual methods for them. Furthermore, it is going to pay more attentions to the tips and assessments. When we are taking healthy stamina training, it will put the emphasis on the functions of health. For this reason, we could look at the limitations of the overload of going on exercises. Therefore, it is likely to offer the range, which is in the range of the health. However, it is so easy and convenience to apply to this kind of training methods.The stamina is able to fall into two parts.One is going to be relationship with the issues of health. Therefore, there are some elements about stamina health, which are the bodies compositions, the endurance of muscles and muscles, flexibility and the endurance of heart and lung. Maybe it is able to have another name, which is the healthy stamina. The second one has something to do with the athletics stamina. They are able to include that speed, strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. So there will be a call for it, which is the athletic stamina.It is going to show what the better healthy stamina it is. It refers to the perfect performances are from the heart, vessel, lung and muscle tissues. So that it is likely for us to be competent for the daily work but have the other energies to have a good time for the entertainments. In addition, it is also able to dispose the emergences with the good body abilities.There will be important four points of healthy stamina and the vital importance of healthy bodies in the next.This is the body compositions.The body are able to consist of the issues of fat and not fat. For instance, they are muscles, skeletal, water and the other organs and so on. As long as you are able to keep ideal figure, which is very good for remaining the appropriate compositions of bodies. But there will be great changes for the proportion of fat. So it is going to have great effect on the health.In general, there will be heavy weight for the body because there are too much fat in the bodies. Too much fat will cause some kinds of chronic diseases. For example, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and so on. Normal 0 7.8 Å 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:nh

Online Healthy Food – A Right Platform For Healthy Living

This article is about the importance of healthy food in our daily routine. It is very necessary to have healthy food so as to maintain the inner stamina and stay healthy. If we look over the past decade, we can easily figure out the trend

organic food is increasing day by day steadily and gradually. Also, it
has turned to be all the fury amid health conscious people all over the
world. Along with the advancement of technology and techniques, demand
of organic food is also raised. But, it is very important to consume the healthy food so that you can stay healthier and fit. As, it is very
right saying that “What you are is what you eat”.The trend of
organic food has led some food companies to enhance this trend by
bringing this online. To meet the consumers need effectively by
providing the huge range and prompt services, online platform has been
created for retailing of natural foods which cannot be available on
local food shops. This online shopping will be providing you the
efficient and effortless way to shop and also this is widely adapted. You can easily get wide array of healthy food items as compared to local
natural food supplier like tomatoes and sauces, meat and cheese, home
cooked meals and soups, spices and herbs and much more. In many
countries, the scenario of natural foods and organic farming has become
better with time and online food shopping has also become the latest
trend.Food supplements like Balsamic Vinegar, sauces and much more that are basically used to enhance the flavor and
it also garnishes the food.  These all items can be used to prepare
different food by using the same product differently. Also, these items
are available in different flavors and different tastes. You can buy
these products as per your wish or desire. People who are fond
of tea or coffee can also buy coffee online in different flavors and
nice aroma. Coffee helps out in stress relieving because the caffeine in it works by making your work exciting and somehow it makes you feel
more energizer and boosts up your energy level. But, too much caffeine
in your body can also gives the side effects like dizziness, insomnia,
upset stomach, etc.  You can easily explore the large collection of all these  food items very comfortably from your home by just
browsing over the internet. Their 24 hours service is always available
for the queries of the customers.

Is Your Organization Healthy?

When it comes right down to it, one could say that Dare To Engage® (DTE) is really all about health. Daring to engage the people, places and things that contribute to building healthy relationships, h… When it comes right down to it, one could say that Dare To Engage® (DTE) is really all about health. Daring to engage the people, places and things that contribute to building healthy relationships, healthy results and healthy companies. Pretty simple, right?Think about it; the health of your organization, your team, you as leader, and ultimately your bottom line are all bolstered by creating a strong foundation of healthier “being” and healthier relationships. (Clearly, I’m not just talking about physical health here, I’m talking about energy, dynamics, “resourcefulness” and the health of your systems.)We engage with people to assess and enhance the health of their business, their leadership and their life, I believe this is absolutely essential for professional and personal progress and sustainability. When addressed authentically and intentionally, these three things (business/life/leadership) can actually support and accelerate each other vs. conflict.For years we’ve espoused that “personal sustainability” (an individual’s personal nourishment) is at the core of leadership development. Here’s why:

– Your personal energy and vitality directly impacts how you show up, and how you be the best possible player of your “game” (for yourself and others.) – The “health” of your team and relationships directly impacts your organization’s results, and the team’s accomplishments. – The “health” of your organization directly impacts how your employees engage, how your customers respond, and how your organization profits. All worth paying attention to.And as for physical health? Years ago, working with corporate health & productivity management, I witnessed how employee physical health significantly impacts the bottom line on a regular basis as well. This impact comes in the form of lower health care costs, decreased lost time, decreased illness and injury, increased productivity, etc. (That’s a different article; please email us if you’d like a copy.)Bottom line? You’ll elevate your organization’s game right now by making health a key initiative and priority, no matter how big or small, and no matter the “type” of health you want to address. You are faced with question marks about the economy and the future of business, and you are surrounded by possibilities as well. So why not raise the bar on what you directly control – the mental, physical, spiritual and organizational health of your company, to set yourself and your teams up to be the BEST you all can be?Put it into action and make it real:Want a simple way to assess “health”? Ask these 3 important questions:
– Is there joy in our organization? (What’s the organization’s “energy” level?) – Is there joy in our team? (What’s the team’s “energy” level?) – Is there joy in my life? (What’s my life’s “energy” level?)If you answered “no” or “low” to any of these, time to hop to.Consider, what is the simplest thing you can do today to increase the joy quotient? What can you do to bring some healthy energy into your org/team/life? If you answered “yes” to these questions; consider how much? And how can you turn up the energy dial?I’ve listed some qualities of healthy organizations on my blog.Feel free to take a look. Choose to engage one of these qualities next month as a key initiative. How could nurturing even one component serve you, your team, your organization, your customers and/or your profits? And of course I can’t sign off without some kind of dare, so here it is: I dare you to integrate something from this short article within the next 10 days and let me know about it (either via email or on my blog.) Take it to heart and do something with it. How will you create a healthier organization? I really want to know.